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Platzierbare Molkerei SUPREME MILK v1.0
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Platzierbare Molkerei SUPREME MILK v1.0

Here I made a placeable dairy.
Point of sale for milk. The milk price factor was raised slightly to the other outlets. So you get a little more money from the dairy for your milk.
Have fun with it!
Retransmission only with the original download link!


  • Mike
    2018-12-28 00:51 Send message
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    Cool..can you convert the krone swadro windrow from 17 also??
  • Dmac
    2018-12-28 01:48 Send message
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    any way you can make a storage shed with a tip trigger....like in FS15 before you could dump anywhere?...when you would dump ,say...... grass, and it would show up in the shed,then you could drive up with your mixing wagon and get out what you needed.Would be great for doing TMR this year....or maybe just convert feed mixers???
  • Reality check
    2018-12-28 14:14 Send message
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    All, Thomas runs this site, he will not reply back ever.The mods with him listed as the uploader, are from other sites.
  • Here's another reality check
    2019-02-21 05:54
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    AFAIK, the original download link is uploaded.net. No thanks, if it can be downloaded somewhere else. Credits are intact.
  • Question
    2020-01-12 04:31
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    Sell trigger doesn't work
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