Farming simulator 2019 mods
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New in version 1.1.6:
Added storage for liquids
Added new Black Diamond drillingFactory - Oil Derricks, Drill Shafts
New products at electronicsFactory - LIGHT KIT
CopperFactory has increased production speed WIRE, THREAD, TUBING, COIL
Changes to coalModule, Shell Fuel Factory,
Added new products to steelFactory
DynamicQuarryHall price change
UtilityTrailer can now carry Batteries
Changes to seasonsMask
Other changes to textures and models on the map.
ATTENTION: Download and install all 3 files that are linked

Help on the map and mods can be obtained on the author's website

Dajnet Mods

  • Matrixukr
    2020-09-26 17:29 Send message
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    ATTENTION: Download and install all 3 files that are linked
  • John
    2020-09-26 18:55
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    done that still can't get map to open
    • Matrixukr
      2020-09-26 18:58 Send message
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      double click on the loading screen where the farm selection is
  • Chuck norris
    2020-09-26 20:57
    1 1
    This shit is too funny. Raven bitches about someone stealing the map, when the map requires scripts created by global companies. Now isn't that using someone elses hard work?Without Global companies this would be just another multi fruit flat map. By the way all, I have downloaded, and am now playing this map works GREAT there is still one issue from both directions Main PV site and this on, The old PV valley would save in map view like all other maps But PV Counties 1,5 from PV Web site
  • Alex
    2020-09-27 12:33
    7 0
    File not found when clicking on the Sharemod links for all 3 files.
  • Amata316
    2020-09-27 21:37
    2 0
    file not found, when trying to download the mods
  • Raven2971
    2020-09-27 22:31 Send message
    0 3
    map was stolen so it was taken down
  • Boomhower
    2020-09-28 01:51 Send message
    0 2
    go to https://www.pvmods.com/index.php?resources/categories/pv-county.30/ to down load everything you need for this map
  • Name
    2020-09-28 12:54
    1 1
    File Not Found The file you were looking for could not be found, sorry for any inconvenience.Possible causes of this error could be:The file expiredThe file was deleted by its ownerThe file was deleted by administration because it didn't comply with our Terms of Use
  • Name
    2020-09-28 19:41
    1 1
  • Outlawgamer81
    2020-09-30 18:17
    0 0
    Download links to this map is not working
  • Micw
    2020-09-30 21:52
    0 0
    VAI NOT GO TU DES SIDE https://www.pvmods.com/index.php
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