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Ponsse Scorpion King - MRF Edition v1.0.2.0
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Ponsse Scorpion King - MRF Edition v1.0.2.0

Cutting lengths up to 25 meters in 0.5m increments
Process head tiltable and control for gripping retrofitted
Optimized for strong wood
H7 processor logo
Various tire choice and 20% wider
Real Boggieachsen installed
Original Ponsse rear protection
More light installed
Optical Sun Shades Per Cover Animation
--PC mostly controlled by N key--
Entry and exit points at the front of the ladder
Color choice for vehicle and rims

For PC players only: Manual cutting addon Ready

Revision of the Damage and Dirt Texture
Color choice Harvesterhead
Fix for Follow-Me
Fix for the Seasons

Fixed combination of Follow-Me and Seasons
Deactivation of the easy crane control,
because this causes problems with the advanced head control.

More choice of chains and bands
Sun protection visible from the Inside
Purchase options for window grille and rear protection
Trailer Hitch added

2 Different Versions of the Rear Protection
Transport Position is Controlled via Steeringcontrol (PC CTRL + Z)
Reactivation of the Simplified Crane Control
Complete Seasons Fix
Beacon Lights added
Position Lights added to the Cabin
Red cabins interior lighting
Vehicle Weights Adjusted
Seat Suspension Upgraded
Sun protection is now available for purchase and can be opened and closed as required after purchase.


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    what scania is that
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    Ketten sind immer noch blau, anstatt dunkel grau oder schwarz.
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