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Potato digger v1.0.0.0
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Potato digger v1.0.0.0

A small tractor with approx. 20 HP is recommended.
Potatoes are dug out of the ground and thrown to the right.
The field should be collected from right to left (maybe from both sides).
After harvesting, potatoes can be harvested with a shovel or similar tools and sold.
Working width: 0.8m
Working speed: 4km/h


  • Matt
    2019-10-17 00:29
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    thats actually a pretty ingenious idea
  • Challenger
    2019-10-17 23:49
    1 0
    this is a good idea and I would really like to use it!However I can not get it to show up in the Mod menu. I have even downloaded it from 4 different locations and it just wont show up!Thoughts or Ideas please????
  • @challenger
    2019-10-18 02:15
    0 2
    Watch the video...You need to move on to simpler games that require less awareness
  • Challenger
    2019-10-18 10:41
    3 0
    LOL really!!! maybe you should go back to school so you can finish learning how to read. I said it wasn't showing up in ( and let me spell it out 4 you) "MOD MENU"And 4 the record the video is in a foreign language that I don't speak.Know instead of trying to be rude why not try to be nice......Or shut the hell up dumb ass!
  • Sfestates
    2019-10-18 14:27 Send message
    2 0
    its not showing in mod folder for one reason the modder is to stupid to put it into the proper game its not for fs19 but 17 maybe 15 modder needs to learn to upload to right game folder on here
  • Pattonm47
    2020-01-23 22:14 Send message
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    weird picture is 19
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