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Purchasable Egg Pallet v1.0.2.0
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Purchasable Egg Pallet v1.0.2.0

Purchasable egg pallet. Autoload (meaning get the egg box close and it loads into the pallet). The boxes them self's don't load just the eggs so sadly no animation for the boxes but the boxes do disappear when loading the eggs.

Cost: $25.00
Fill Type: egg
Fill amount: 2400l / eggs. 150 per box, 16 boxes 2400l

Pallet disappears when eggs are sold!
This is still in beta testing!

Change Log V1.0.2.0:
1. Fixed lua error when filling pallet when on trailer. Pallet will no longer disappear.
2. Lua error should be fixed as well when selling pallet.

Change Log V1.0.1.0:
1. Fixed xml file name in modDec.xml.
2. Enlarged fill trigger.

Model: Giants Software
Editing: McKnightG

  • Kahtar
    2019-01-07 17:10 Send message
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    Doesn't appear in the store. Where do you get it?
  • Raven2971
    2019-01-07 18:34 Send message
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    shows up fine for me
  • Tuck2674
    2019-01-07 19:20 Send message
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    Kahtar It's under the pallets section.
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