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RaFu - Regalparadies XS v1.0
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RaFu - Regalparadies XS v1.0

Surface: 20,20m x 13,40m x 7,10m
A total of 40 liquid fertilizer tanks fit in the hall!
1 row = 10 pallets / 1 column = 2 pallets / 1 shelf = 20 pallets
The number of storage locations was determined by liquid fertilizer tanks.
You can store any kind of pallets / bales or other!
Please note that the hall is still in Alpha. The design might change due to the updates.
Price: 50,000 flakes
RaFu`s Regalparadies

To do list:
Improvement of the loading in the individual shafts
Improvement of the texture quality of the shelf wood
Add Metallic Material Properties of the Hall (Specular Maps)
Add Internal Stability (Visual Only)
Soil change (landscape / texture)
Improvement of the roof

Modell: zFunked
Textur: zFunked
Idee / Konzept: RaisorxD
Tester: zFunked, RaisorxD

  • Realviking
    2019-03-02 18:50 Send message
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    This is not a god mod, bad texture and porly made.
  • Fs09 ?
    2019-03-02 18:53
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    That would have been nice 10 years ago.Textures are horrible. Very bad job.
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