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Ramp FS19 v1.0
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Ramp FS19 v1.0

Hello Community,
Today I want to provide you my ramp.
This is placeable!
If you want, feel free to contact me, then I can put them together individually again.
Unfortunately, the ramp still has log errors. who knows how I can fix this can feel free to fix me.
You can use this ramp to load goods onto a trailer more easily.
Especially handy for the small skid steer loader.
I hope you like the mod.
Please write me your opinion below in the comments or via PM, because I want to improve, of course, that the quality of the mods increases!
Anyone who has questions about the mod, can also reach me on Facebook. There I will also faster answers than Modhoster. There I call SKGaming.

Modell: SK Gaming
Textur: SK Gaming
Script: SK Gaming
Idee / Konzept: SK Gaming
Tester: SK Gaming
Sonstige: SK Gaming

  • Animate
    2019-01-01 23:31 Send message
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    can you make a seed, fertilizer, liquid fertilizer placement please
  • Ddsniper
    2019-01-02 04:52 Send message
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    I love this Mod thank you i use it to dump wood chips into the storage pit i have dug for the woodchip storage Good work
  • Ereedks
    2019-01-02 06:48 Send message
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    @Animate, you do realize that Thomas isn't the maker of this (or any other mods) don't you? He is just sharing mods he's found on other sites, that's why he has so many on here. Most likely the person who actually made this mod doesn't use this site or even visit it, so asking for anything from him is futile.
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