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Ravenport PROPER v2.1
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Ravenport PROPER v2.1

Update v2.1
- Fixed bunker silo not working
- Fixed tipCol
- Fixed placement of a implement
- Minor terrain edit

Install, download zip, open it and extract .zip files inside your mods folder. After further testing i did not find any more bugs, so its good to go. Unless there is some major bugs, or i get some ideas/suggestions, i wont be updating anytime soon.


  • Drengin
    2018-12-08 19:49
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    Thank you for the amount of work put in to making the game 'better' for us. Much appreciated.
  • Athus
    2018-12-08 19:50
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    no joining on dediserver
  • Simr
    2018-12-08 20:51
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    I actually like this map edit, and currently play it. the main farm layout, I feel is done right for Ravenport. that default map is hell to manage with placeible mods. *suggestion* combine fields 20, 21 and 22..dedicate to grass for silage, add large horse stable. perfect area for training the horses, and for silage..field 23 across the street keep as corn for chaff. and field 19 plant corn aswell. that's enough to keep one farmer Busy making money. plenty of contract work left.
  • Hoosier
    2018-12-08 21:16
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    Thanks for the edit.
  • Dmort51
    2018-12-09 00:53
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    thanks good job on map edit
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