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Real Dirt Color v1.1.1.0
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Real Dirt Color v1.1.1.0

Real Dirt Color changes all vehicles/tools dirt color to the surrounding enviroment.
- 10 color variations including: Brown Dirt, Brown Mud, Red Dirt, Red Mud, Grass, Chaff, Manure, Slurry, Lime, and Snow.
- Colors are blended back and forth using a variable speed.
- 2 modes available via xml settings file: "Simple mode" and "Independent wheel mode".
- Tweakable color change speed.

Change Log: (v1.0.0.5)
-Mod conflict issue resolved.
-Added a few more values for spray types increasing the chance Lime, Slurry, and Manure will affect your dirt color.
-RedDirtMap0 in the settings file was previously ignored, corrected to enable the support for "Estancia Lapacho".

Change Log: (v1.0.1.2)
-Added a few more values for spray types increasing the chance Lime, Slurry, and Manure will affect your dirt color.
-Large tools' (cultivators) detecting area adjusted.

Change Log: (v1.1.0.0)
-Color change speed now adjustable via Settings.xml file.
-Ability to disable Real Dirt Color per vehicle added. (For incomplete mods, etc.)
-Increased support for maps with red dirt.
-New way of detecting sprayed fields to guarantee color change.
-New function added to support varying wheel configurations of mods.
-Lime Filltype added to color changes (driving on a "pile" of lime).
-Change speeds (per color) tweaked.

Change Log: (v1.1.0.2)
-Forestry Wheel Tracks issue fixed.

Change Log: (v1.1.1.0)
- Specialization registration script revised.
- Fix: Mods with custom vehicle types didn't work if the mod name came after "FS19_realDirtColor" alphabetically.


  • Name
    2020-01-15 20:48
    0 2
  • Vehicle errors
    2020-01-15 23:31
    2 1
    I like this mod, but for whatever reason there are a lot of vehicles that won't support it, generating lot errors in the log.
  • Quest who
    2020-01-16 11:29
    1 2
    Mod causing crashes of game
  • Caamo
    2020-01-16 19:58
    4 0
    650 mods... Every possible realism mod, and lots of other game improvements... Also lots of vehicles, and everything works. No errors. All configs checked, some fine tunes made by me, and other settings and key configs double checked. I don't know what is wrong with you guys. If you always have to whine about some mods doesn't work, I think it's mostly because of you... Thank you ViperGTS96! Nice work!
  • Caamo
    2020-01-16 20:06
    3 0
    Of... I forgot to say... Not single one mod made by Expendables, TFSGroup, Lambomods or some other group of kids. They only brake your game...
  • Ricobab
    2020-01-17 00:19 Send message
    4 0
    Same as caamo (for once, lol). The problem with mods is mostly cause to an issue located between the keyboard and the desk chair. It is called, a clueless user.Stop downloading every single mod you find, check your log for each new mod you install, delete or correct the shitty ones.REAL DIRT COLOR is a very solid mod, no issue at all. It is a most have.
  • Caamo is right
    2020-01-17 05:14
    4 0
    so many idiots downloading mods that they don't know what to do with, then bitch and moan on the modder's mod saying how it's shitty. well it always comes down to the end user, 9 times out of 10 it's the downloader's fault.
  • Trucker
    2020-01-17 15:59
    0 3
    Mod had a conflicts with others AND GAME FREEZING !!!!
  • Simr
    2020-01-17 23:08
    0 0
  • Buster
    2020-01-18 15:12
    0 0
    this mod fucks up the sound of the game ___ bell end.
  • Myro777
    2020-01-18 18:35
    0 0
    Hey, this Real Dirt Color v1.1.1.0 mod is biting with Player Speed, I don't know about you.
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