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Real engine braking effect beta
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Real engine braking effect beta

Real impact of the engine brake
eg downhill you have to use the brake;)

Beta version:
No errors, no warning or errors in the log.
Script works and will be adjusted later when DriveControl and realistic mods are out there.
lg s4t4n

Script: slin2R, twizzle, s4t4n
Idee / Konzept: slin2R / twizzle
Ls17 & Ls19: s4t4n

  • Kgrove
    2018-11-26 03:53 Send message
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    This eliminates the braking effect when you let off the throttle. It lets the vehicles coast instead of slowing down and stopping all the time. It also affects trailers. Do not disconnect from a trailer while you are moving. It will keep rolling and you will have to chase it across the map until it hits something. It takes a little getting used to if you are used to everything coasting to a stop, but it makes it much easier to roll slowly up to an attachment, or maintain speed on the road.
  • Eep


    2018-11-30 01:08 Send message
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    This is too unrealistic for tractors (and probably other vehicles but haven't tested them). Tractor/vehicle friction should be increased or, at least, adjustable.
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