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ReShade v4.0.2 + My Graphics Settings Mod v1.0
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ReShade v4.0.2 + My Graphics Settings Mod v1.0

Hi friends, the game with ReShade graphics settings mode will look even better. This is my ReShade setting.

Effects used;
Levels, Curved, Tonemap, DPX, HDR, Vibrance and FXAA

Installation: Copy everything inside the 7z file into the x64 folder of the game. Then copy the appropriate mode to the x64 folder in the settings folder. The mode was successfully installed. Press the DELETE key to turn on / off effects in the game.

NOTE: If you use the MSAA effect from the game graphic settings, use the mode without FXAA effect. Both cause FPS to drop. You have two options, use in-game MSAA or MSAA off and use FXAA. Turn off the MSAA for low PCs and the mode with FXAA allows you to get better FPS values.


  • Laloe
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    funciona y se ve genial lo malo de esto es que te detecta el juego como pirata y un molesto mensaje sale cada cierto tiempo y te saca del juego a la pagina oficial para que compres el juego
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