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Reshade v4.0.2 + My Graphics Settings Mod v1.0.1
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Reshade v4.0.2 + My Graphics Settings Mod v1.0.1

Hi friends, ReShade will look better in game with graphic settings mode. This is my ReShade setting.

v1.0.1 Fixed problems;
# 1: The game has been fixed in certain periods and the false serial error has been fixed.
# 2: Fixed several performance issues.

Effects used;
Levels, Tilt, Tonemap, DPX, HDR, Vibrance, AmbientLight, Tint, and FXAA

Setup: Copy everything inside the 7z file to the game's x64 folder. Then copy the appropriate mode in the settings folder to the x64 folder. The mode was successfully installed. Press the DELETE key to turn on / off effects in the game.

Important Installation note: Use this mode to delete everything from the previous version. The files that need to be deleted are: (reshade-shaders folder, dxgi.dll and dxgi.log, ReShade.ini and the effect in the Settings file used)

NOTE: If you use the MSAA effect from the game's graphics settings, use the non-FXAA effect. Both cause FPS to fall. You have two options, use in-game MSAA or MSAA and use FXAA. Turn off the MSAA for low PCs and the mode with FXAA allows you to get better FPS values.


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    For some reason this mod or fix crash my computer and game on the direct x side. i,m using direct x 11.(very strong computer build also.) And when i delete the replaced files and copy back the original files, the game sometimes crash on save also.
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