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RidingFacility v1.1.0.0
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RidingFacility v1.1.0.0

The equestrian center offers professional work for horse and rider. The large hall with olympic masses of 20 x 60 meter is bright and flooded with light through the long window fronts.
For a pleasant riding in the open air, there's a dressage area and a jumping course. A lunging hall rounds off the entire training concept.
The barn has room for food and litter, the stable with adjoining paddock can accommodate up to 12 horses.

- Seasons-Ready (added Seasons-Mask)


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    2019-11-14 17:53
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    Love the way the snow only falls and accumulates on the ground outside the boundaries of the riding facility. It must have been a huge expense to put all the underground heating in the pasture to keep the grass clear of snow.
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