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Ritchport v1.0.0.0
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Ritchport v1.0.0.0

DE (Original):
Es ist eine umgebaute Ravenport mit eingebauten Tieren.
Viel Spaß

It is a converted Ravenport with built-in animals.
Have fun

Jest to przerobiony Ravenport z wbudowanymi zwierzętami.
Baw się dobrze

C'est un Ravenport converti avec des animaux intégrés.

Giants, RitchiF

  • Eduardo
    2018-11-28 20:28
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    ai/trafficCollision.i3d' could not be found
  • Eduardo
    2018-11-28 20:42
    0 0
    Error: failed to load i3d file 'C:/Users/casa/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/FS19_Ritchport/data/shared/ai/trafficCollision.i3d'
  • Georgejones
    2018-11-30 21:35
    0 0
    Doesn't work on multi-player dedicated servers. Receive the following errors:1. I3D file 'maps/mapUS.i3d.shapes' is too big. Size 262.68 MB (max. 196.00 MB) 2. dataS/scripts/farms/AccessHandler.lua(97) : attempt to index local 'farm' (a nil value)
  • Simr
    2018-12-08 20:24
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    the map works fine..this is what I did (in game) because I tend to Horses..ive combined fields 20,21 and 22 into one grass field. located large horse stable on field 21. cut down trees, remove stumps between fields 21 and 22. plant grass. plant more trees around the outlining area, field 22 you can cut a short cut in upto the sawmill sell point, ive dedicated portion of field 22 for forestry. so lets recap - silage from the grass mown, bales, horses, and trees..from One Field.
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