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Road Construction-Kit v1.0
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Road Construction-Kit v1.0

Well-known and completely revised road kit for the LS19

This is the well-known construction kit V3 by Fatian from the LS15.

This was completely revised by me, new textured, expanded by a few components and adapted to the LS19.

What is included?
Models for main roads, secondary roads and dirt roads
2 different texture sets (light asphalt and dark asphalt)

If you already have the LS15-Pack installed on your map, so this can be replaced 1: 1 with this.

The models themselves and the names of them are identical, with a few exceptions. ;)

It is also a special thanks to Fatian, who gave me the clearance for his road pack.

Originalmodelle: Fatian
Neuaufbau und Texturen: Crouwler

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