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Rotoplastyc Speed Mix 3000 v1.2.0.0
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Rotoplastyc Speed Mix 3000 v1.2.0.0

Change log
-New Multi Speed ​​Mix 3000 Platform
-Compatible with ITRunner
-New Kombo Speed ​​Mix 3000
-New colors

Speed ​​Mix 3.0
Tank Has the function of (storage) of liquid fertilizers and herbicides.
It guarantees an increase of at least 30% in
spray performance, because
decreases downtime and avoids
problems with clogged filters and nozzles.
Just like a syrup with superior quality
ensures better efficiency during application.

-Price:8000 €
-Capacity:3500/9500 L
-Compatible Manure System
-Optional colors
-Wheel color settings
-Work light

Farm Centro Sul

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