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Scania S 580-730 V2.2 Light-FIX v2.2
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Scania S 580-730 V2.2 Light-FIX v2.2

Scania S 580-730 V2.2 Light-FIX

I have now revised the beacon lights and the shadow maps from the model.
For me it is only a short time with lagg at the first time I use it until the shader
for the beacons is load, after that it runs laggfree.

- all parts painted
- 6-fold color selection (2x rims, design, cooler, grill, main color)
- Chassi cover installed (substructure with blender completely rebuilt)
- new sideskirts installed without exhaust
- High pipe exhaust system installed
- BadEyes
- Lightbox
- Front grill revised with more details
- HiBar and Lowbar completely re-created (now color in the main color)
- Badged S580 / S650 / S730 for motor configs added
- New sun visor including lighting
- Stoneguard incl. V8

Shop selection for motor, sun visor, stoneguard, hi-low bars, lightbox,
badeyes and chassis cover created.

I have included a Benalu trailer with the Scania rims and the same colors


Credits Scania: Giants, SCS,Alx, Crownzilla, PsyTec Modding
Credtis Trailer: no.naim [LSMC], PsyTec Modding

  • Psiecore
    2020-05-12 07:02 Send message
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    When you use a trailer witch use extendedLights too you can get lags by activate the beaconlights. I think its from the lua that the games load it 2 times at the same. I hope it will be fix soon. Trailer without beacons work well.
  • Name
    2020-05-14 01:22
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    fix that beacon lights its laggy as fuck i have rtx 2080 ti it doesnt handle it about the lag of the beacon lag
    • Psiecore
      2020-05-14 13:32 Send message
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      i have change much as possible at beacons now it is time for the script maker from lightextension to fix his lua to work well and a 2080ti brings nothing in ls19the game is not good optimzed
  • Casper
    2020-05-17 05:58
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    Just downloaded this truck can anyone tell me what the Grid Config Is for as it doesn't seem to change the color of anything on the truck???
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