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Scania S580 6x2 v1.3.0.3
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Scania S580 6x2 v1.3.0.3

Scania S580 truck, 3 axle, with platform for bale and pallet

Now the mod required the new standalone autoload script
by alfalfa6945
(downloadable separatly - link inside the mod folder)
-map i3d clean
-exhaust adjust
-Addon Straw Harvest ready

Base color config (color table by Apollo)
Design color config (color table by Apollo)
Rim color config (color table by Apollo)
Horse power configurations: 580hp(std) 450hp 650hp 730hp
Design Configurations
Differential configuration: 6x2/2, 6x2/4, 6x2/6
Tension belt support
Top speed: 90km/h
Indipendent rear axle
Script easyautoload (by alfalfa6945)

Model: SCS
Texture: Giants
Script: Siants, alfalfa6945
Idea / Concept: Alx
Testing: Alx
Other: Apollo(color setttings)

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