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Schwatzingen Singleplayer v2.0
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Schwatzingen Singleplayer v2.0

Now the time has come, here you have it!

Version 2 Singleplayer

After months of work, we have succeeded in perfecting the map ever further. The map has 6 extensive furnished courtyards and 14 sales stations. Also, we have quite a few challenges in the spirit of the YouTube project, built. #Have fun searching
Schwatzingen is a fictitious map, with one or the other tree. The center of the map is the monstrous forest. This is framed by the courts, which invite you to duel ingame with friends. In order not to anticipate too much that was already the description, short and crisp.
Have fun while gambling!

Uploading On other sites is strictly prohibited!

In order to use court 2 - 6, a multiplayer game must be created and all 6 courtyards must be created in the yard administration. If you do not, only yard 1 can be used.

Modell: J4k0b ( L600TT )
Idee / Konzept: J4k0b ( L600TT ) manu11002
Tester: manu11002 Julian Team M4cM4nus
Sonstige: manu11002

  • Guest
    2019-07-15 11:08
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    What is the difference to the "normal" Schwatzingen v2.0?
  • Mcarden75
    2019-07-16 08:13 Send message
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    This is my Farming Simulator 19 Schwatzingen Singleplayer v2 0 First Look Review and as always, this is one of the most beautiful maps I have ever seen. Very well done, very smooth, and plenty of sale points to go around. You can definitely see the dedication put in creating this map for the Farming Simulator community to enjoy. - https://youtu.be/r80UnVSxwIE
  • Hefilump
    2019-07-19 15:35
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    Cannot use courseplay as the fields are not separated properly. Courseplay on field 41 tries to go through 40 as well.
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