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SellPoint v1.5.150
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SellPoint v1.5.150

Place of sale placeable

Version 1.5.150
Bale sales trigger and optical enhancements

Here can be sold:
wheat barley rape sunflower soybean maize potato sugarbeet manure
fertilizer Seed Feed FeedMix Chaff Woodchips Silage Straw PigFeed
grass hay liquid fertilizer milk digestate slurry manure fuel wool treeseedlings
compost rye oat hops onion carrot triticale lettuce HMilch bread
beer sand seeds2 lime cane dung grass hay liquid fertilizer milk digestate
manure fuel wool tree seedlings composit rye oat onion carrot

Version 1.5.X
Bale Trigger added
(You can sell Bales)

Version *. *. 0:
Normal version
Version *. *. 150
Prices average 150% of the normal price
Log is error free
Constructive criticism desired.
It is forbidden to re-upload this mod, even in a modified form!
Please use the original download link!

Modell: Giants/Sas1325
Script: Sas1325

  • Jd


    2019-01-24 09:45
    1 0
    I use this mod alot. it is discussed in my video in review of some other mods.
  • Mza


    2019-06-22 19:41
    0 0
    Any idea on how to sell the liquid fertilizer and herbicide? I have unloaded them in the tanks but it wont sell
  • Kai0152
    2019-10-31 10:04 Send message
    0 0
    Gamecrash. Probably mod-conflict. Downgrading to old version.
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