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Shamrock Valley 19 v1.0.0.0
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Shamrock Valley 19 v1.0.0.0

Welcome to shamrock valley. This map is set in Ireland.
Full seasons support with many extra features
New grass textures cut grass texture and distance etc
Custom ground textures
Custom Wheat barley textures auther forgotten fruits
38 fields from small to medium
3 sell points Bga sawmill and other places
Dof graphics has been removed to improve fps and distance blurryness. seasons
Totally new lighting Engine More dramtic dawn and dusk lighting. better clouds and more vibrant colours
Lots of animated objects to bring the map to life tractors in traffic boats planes etc
Driveable boat around the bay
I hope you all enjoy this map.


  • Wrangler
    2019-12-06 20:39 Send message
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    B.O.B. Flyover - Shamrock Valley 19 - Farming Simulator 19 - https://youtu.be/TH0WFJ28uNU
  • Wrangler
    2019-12-06 22:55 Send message
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    B.O.B. Lookaround - Shamrock Valley 19 - Boat Tour - Farming Simulator 19 - https://youtu.be/qYIe6SEXJwA
  • Johnny
    2019-12-06 23:44
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    What's with the walk-through hedges, tiny roads, and very tiny shop space? Purchased a cultivator and it was all the way against the building facing the wrong way??? I tried this map, it might be for some players, but not for me. It still needs work
  • @johnny
    2019-12-07 00:56
    1 6
    Yeah its shit aye, man this oxygendavid guy has no idea.
  • Name
    2019-12-07 03:59
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  • Overated
    2019-12-07 13:02
    3 6
    Over 700 mb for a half size map? Either its crap or he put way to much detail into it. What good is detail when you cant use more than one or two mods before your FPS tanks. He needs to build maps for the gamer instead of his ego. Dave is overrated. Just look at some maps out that are half as many mbs and full size with great detail. Sussex map for instance, 240 mb and full size and just as detailed. Difference is Alien Jim builds for the player and Dave builds for his ego.
  • @ overated
    2019-12-07 15:58
    4 0
    No FPS problems for me. Solid 60 with lots of mods. Sounds like sour grapes to me lol. Maybe release your own maps
  • A bunch of idiots
    2019-12-07 21:37
    1 1
    Go download a sample map to place your stupid coca cola factories & don't critisize serious modders here.Ehmm I forgot.. here is the dammest place for modding community so you are at the right place to spell your sh*t
  • Name
    2019-12-08 10:00
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    OVERATED facile de critiquer fait mieux et puis on parleras. Si tu m aime pas son travail passe ton chemin,mais n insulte pas le moddeur qui partage son travail.a cause de gens comme toi il n y aura plus de moddeur.
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