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Sim Farmer Ravenport Timelapse Farm Save Game v2.0
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Sim Farmer Ravenport Timelapse Farm Save Game v2.0

This is the save game file for the map I created in the timelapse video on Ravenport.
To get everything you will also require the placeable trees mod if you want the trees as in the video.
The only other mods used were the placeable fuel tank and composite machine sheds both available from the ingame mod hub, as with the trees you can leave these mods out and place your own mods in there place.
This was created using version 1.2 of the game and I'm not sure if you require that version for this gamesave to load correctly
The file needs to be placed within your Farming Simulator 19 folder and may require the game save number of the folder to be changed if you have already used savegame10.

Model: Giants
Texture: Giants
Script: Giants
Idea / Concept: Sim Farmer
Testing: Sim Farmer

  • Ron


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    I tried your careerSavegame file and the game gave me error messages. You need to supply the other 23 files to go into your savegame10 folder...
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