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Slurry Tanker 9m3 v1.0.0.0
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Slurry Tanker 9m3 v1.0.0.0

These are two slurry tankter with 9 m3 and you can coose many different brands
Both are buyable in the category "slurry tanker" one has got a drag hose, the other not

You can coose:
BRAND: Granat / Fuchs / Streumix / Bauer / BSA / Vacutec / Rheinland / DeLaval / Kaweco
WHEELBRAND: Lizard / Trelleborg / BKT
WHEEL: default / wide / many others ...
COLOR: galvanized new / old
... without drag hose -> SPREDING SYSTEM: default / Möscha

Tom Truthahn - my name is Tom Turkey and I came from the Simpsons, Threehouse of Horror XIX. There I was called from Milhouse to delete the big pumpkin. After that I took a revenge on the humanity for eating turkey at Thanksgiving. Now it isnĀ“t a big thing anymore and I began to play the FS19 - now I will take a revenge on the FS world for using so many private mods!

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