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Snufelstuck v5.0
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Snufelstuck v5.0


I'll introduce you today the Snüfelstück.
This was already available from Tunewar in the LS 15
and I can make it available to you for the LS 19.

Version 5.0
- Adapted driving and suspension behavior of offroad tires
- Textures changed slightly
- Blinker mounted and LED flash flashing lights installed
- Patch 1.4.1 compatible

Price: 5,500 €
Maintenance: 0 €
Special feature: Complete hydraulic + trailer and low trailer hitch
as well as spigot shaft
Washable: Yes
Color choice: Yes
Light: Only 2x RUL
Helpful: Yes
GPS: not tested
Courseplay suitable: Yes
Intended use: See pictures and Modvorstellung
So now have fun
wish you
Cobra / MTL Modding Team

Modell: Tunewar / Edit: Cobra / MTL Modding Team
Textur: Tunewar / Edit: Cobra / MTL Modding Team
Idee / Konzept: Tunewar / Edit: Cobra / MTL Modding Team
Tester: Cobra, Daniel und eine Person die nicht mehr genannt werden will!

  • Wtf


    2019-10-05 03:25
    2 5
    So what would drive the PTO on the baler. This mod is as stupid and the creator. Combines do not have a rear PTO and either does your trailer you CUCK!
  • ^^^ it is game ^^^
    2019-10-05 05:41
    5 0
    ^^^ If you don't like it just move on, calling people names when you don't agree with then is just childish. The mod may be just what someone needs.
  • Think again bitch.
    2019-10-05 06:28
    3 2
  • @wtf
    2019-10-05 09:02
    3 1
    Dude did you ever have in mind that when you attached the baler or the trailer then you can activate/ operate 'em from the combine??Don't judge if you don't check first
  • @think again bitch.
    2019-10-06 03:23
    3 0
    The bale direct system is completely different from what this is you dumb cuck. Go finger blast your cousin you dumb cuck.
  • Hey stupid...
    2019-10-07 04:22
    0 1
    I was talking to the moron who was too lazy to Google, and said combines don't bale, and then that bitch deleted it.
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