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Somewhere In Canada v1.1
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Somewhere In Canada v1.1

Welcome to Somewhere in Canada, a fully-featured 2x map located near the Okotoks region of Calgary, Canada.

Version 1.1
Fixed collision map issue where harvester doesn't drop straw in few fields.
New Save Game is required.

Version 1.0
- Custom crop textures by "forgotten plants" and custom corn stubble and soybeans in rows from CCS101.
- Multi-Terrain Angle installed, using 32 angles.
- Increased fillTypes to support Seasons, StrawHarvest, maizeplus mods.
- Custom Traffic speeds ranging from 30mph to 55mph with increased collision triggers.
- Map is Seasons ready with snow mask and custom Geo inbuilt.
- Foliage layers will change colors according to seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter)
- Custom lighting, orange sunrise and sunset, darker nights, denser clouds.
- Around 50 fields, ranging from medium to large.
- 4 farm areas on the map with 4 cow barns and 1 pigsty.
- Sheds are included in the map as Placeable.
- Start farm includes 1 cow barn and 1 pigsty with default vehicles.
- There are custom silos for each farm.
- All farms have water and fuel triggers. I left out the house trigger so players can add their own houses.
- A BGA plant can be found at the south side of the map which includes 2 large silage pits.
- 12 sell points including wood, woodchips, cotton, milk, eggs, grains, etc. Most of them match to real companies in the region.
- Custom signboards with lighting for all the sell points.
- There is a Case Dealership at the center of the map, an animal dealer, 3 lime stations scattered near farms.
- Alfalfa crop added that re-grows multiple times per season can be baled and fed to cows.
- BeanStraw and CornStalk added and can be baled, sold for a good price.
- Proper crop destruction for wheat, barley, canola, corn, etc.  
- Added sell point for chaff, for those that don't want to mess with making silage like me.
- Transport missions are included.

Map Models & objects: Giants Software, CCS101, Serious Mods, Reaper Mods, Pascals FS Modding DR Modding, AW Modding, MRG Mapping, NoCreekFarms, CSA Modding, PM-Modding, Txzar Mapping, and CBJ Midwest Modding, FS-UKGiants RWModding Fatian and TSM, Rory Kain and 4MR modding.

- I apologize if there are objects on the map that are not credited properly. Please drop me a message so that I can update credits. I would always credit people's work properly.
- I would like to thank Giants Software for creating a platform to create mods and share them across.
- I would like to thank Will(CCS101) for helping me whenever possible during the development of the map. Helping with custom traffic speeds and much more.
- I would like to thank SeriousMods, MRG mapping, DR Modding for letting me use models from their maps.

I would like to thank you for your time. Hopefully, you will enjoy playing this map as I do. Please report to my FB page for any issues.


DJ Modding

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    B.O.B. Flyover - Somewhere In Canada - Farming Simulator 19 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpIuDyghGN8
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    hey djmodding i actually like the map but there's just one thing that annoys me. Could you do an update that when you do new farmer you're able to actually sell all the animal pens and outposts and any building that you place on the map? That's just a little pet peeve of mine on any map is that when you either start off on any setting you can't sell any buildings to add your own on any of the preset buildings that have been placed when created.
  • Gator
    2020-10-01 19:55
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    This is a good map, but needs 2 major things done. !, needs multiangle terrain. When you have round, rectangle and other shape fields is just does not work well. 2, you need to be able to place anything anywhere on the map. That way global company has more options. Besides those 2 things its a good map!
  • Console release
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    Can you kindly please atleast make a console release for this map, eh? would love it if it did happen!
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