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ST 180N v1.9
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ST 180N v1.9

Problems with Courseplay still persist, I did not find the cause. For this reason, I added a model without IC function for players with Courseplay.

What's new:
-reverse control of the bucket (in version 1.7 only the stacker was reversed, I forgot about the bucket)
-corrected logo and emblem (were sunken)
-adjusted internal camera (it was too far back)
-reduced model size (according to actual dimensions)
-reduced cornering angle (should now be according to reality)
-License plate lighting
-change seats
-The seats are now sprung
-added model without IC function (I didn't figure out why the function is angry with Courseplay)
-add straightener for silage added

I have nothing to do with the straightener. The author is "BM-Modding, ADOLF, OSTMODDING-Freunden" and is free to download. To save time with creation, I only implemented it in the package. Of course, it can also be used on other machines.
If the video doesn't work, it's here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhq8VHlRLzA&t=14s
If you find an error, please write it to me in the comments. Hope you like the model;)


  • Oi


    2020-09-27 15:50
    2 5
    Its because courseplay sucks ass and is one of the most bug ridden mods out there.
  • @you sucks ass yankee
    2020-09-27 17:15
    4 0
    @OI What sucks is you and not Courseplay. It is not the mods problem it is yours if you are to stupid too use it. Also the american modding community would never do such a script the only wich they are doing are stupid pickup trucks. Thats a farming simulator and not a pickup one.
  • Lol


    2020-09-27 19:04
    0 2
    you all suck ass. courseplay is shit
  • You sucks ass yankee
    2020-09-27 19:08
    1 0
    @LOL And what you can suck is my ass!
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