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ST MAX 180 with FRONT LOADER v1.0
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ST MAX 180 with FRONT LOADER v1.0

here's my remodeled STARA with FRONTLADER.
... I always thought it was great, but I wanted it in other colors and with a FL
on my yard, so I've rebuilt it and now like to share it with you.

what's new ?
- choice of tires, roof and body
- small changes have been made (right footboard added, error message removed)
- NOKIA tires municipal and added with weight

... jou, I think that's it;)
then have fun with olle SCHIEBER-MAXE!

odell: GIANTS / umbau BALOO
Textur: GIANTS
Script: GIANTS / anpassung BALOO
Idee / Konzept: GIANTS / BALOO
Tester: nur icke
Sonstige: mit FL und NOKIA-reifen

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