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Steyr CVT 6175-6230 S-Matic v1.6
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Steyr CVT 6175-6230 S-Matic v1.6

Since he did not quite like me, he got another update. ;-)
realDirtColor is now detected
Mitas and Trelleborg wide tires added
Foot animation added
Cab suspension added

Hey, I did the Steyr S-Matic from Steyr Modding and made a few improvements ...
First and foremost, he got an Origianl crisp Steyr sound that is really fun.
Then he got wider tires from me than he had before.
The engine is configurable between 6175,6175 Profi Plus over 6195 up to 6230 6195Profi plus is rausgeflogn for it.
You can also add the standart Stoll to the Hauer front loader console.
The collision would be adapted to fit the front loader Easy.
He has also got the new Combine Hoses from me so that the hose is connected via the tractor to the Drill with the seed hopper.
He got a new specular from me ... looks nicer.
the driving behavior has been adjusted.


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