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Strautmann Aperion 2101 v2.0
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Strautmann Aperion 2101 v2.0

Here you have my Strautmann Aperion 2101 V2.
The version V1 was only published on my Insta and Facebook page from which then by other people were several pages out.

To the trailer (By default):
Volume configuration: 20,000-27,000 liters.
Collision has been adjusted.
Was shortened from Tridem to Tandem.
Adapted decals.
The trailer may not be released on any other portals without the permission of MIR LsWelt!

Modell: Giants Software/ LsWelt
Textur: Giants Software/ LsWelt
Script: Es sind keine scripte vorhanden!
Idee / Konzept: LsWelt
Tester: Gamer8250/ LsWelt
Sonstige: LsWelt

  • Mike
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    Nice..can you convert the Krone Swadro 2000 also from FS17?
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