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STX Steiger v1.0.0.0
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STX Steiger v1.0.0.0

The STX Series STEIGER four wheel drive tractors are a revolutionary new leader in the X series family of tractors.
This four wheel drive of the future will give you all the productivity, versatility, comfort, and convience you
need to tackle your toughest tasks. The STX series tractor has 3 different chassis sizes, and features 22 different
model sizes to fit to your farm. Horsepower ranges from 275 to 535. Base price for the STX is $95,000. The STX series
from Case IH boasts a wide range of different wheel options, whether you need large flotation duals, or skinny row crop tires,
the STX provides such options. The STX also comes with the ability to add weights in the front, rear, and wheels. The STX is also
universal with the ability to choose between US or EU safety features. For longer jobs and tiring fieldwork, the STX also has the
option for the Case IH FM-750 guided positioning system.

NEFG Modding

  • Me


    2020-07-22 17:47
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    Puke mod. Tires are Custom Modding's. Do you make anything original Brad?
  • Uccaroo
    2020-07-22 19:04 Send message
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    this is a bot heposts the mods that are available on the modhub so this is custom moddings mod lad but it's okay at the least you know what plaigarism is
  • Brad02
    2020-07-22 21:03 Send message
    3 2
    @ME Good thing I'm good friends with Nico and Rafael, and they allow me to use their tires. Enjoy the best articulated tractor in the game!
  • Siidpoland
    2020-07-22 21:19 Send message
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    Good job !
  • Tundrafarmer
    2020-07-23 03:28
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    where's our Steiger Green?
  • Name
    2020-07-23 05:27
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    absalutly love the engine sounds on this but OMFG its bouncy as hell in the fields and if you do tight turns using duals the front end will ride up in the air
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