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Sudharz - map v1.0.0.0
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Sudharz - map v1.0.0.0

Welcome to the Southern Harz Nature Park and the green southern Harz karst landscape, unique in Europe, in the north of Thuringia!
The map extends from the outskirts of Nordhausen in the west to the border of Saxony-Anhalt in the east, approx.10x4km area (real)!

Additionally required mod:
- Global Company (download in Modhub)

-4-fold map
-20000 fellable trees (forests improved again to LS17, sick dried up trees, bushes, tree stumps, branches, various soil textures)
-most 2000 fruit trees (see harvest below for details)
-92 fields (a total of 255 buyable areas)
-6 villages
-bought vehicles / equipment are delivered to the yard-moving fish / ducks / airplanes
-The landscape was also embellished at many points and further adapted to reality
-Information boards, some with original pictures
- Drive-through silos larger and more spacious + 1 U-silo (total space for approx.2,500,000 l chopped material on the BGA site)
-fine texture angle
-Seed and fertilizer can still be replenished from the upper courtyard
-Prices adjusted
-additional fruit: rye
-Seasons ready (also bushes adapted in autumn and winter, etc.)

-Production that was already on the map in LS17, started with Global Company:
-Saw mill in Petersdorf produces long wood pallets, are required for the pallet mill
-Pallet factory in Petersdorf produces Euro pallets, are needed for fruit processing, dairy, carton
-Kartonwerk in Steigerthal produces cardboard boxes, which is needed for the greenhouse
Greenhouse in Petersdorf produces raspberries
-Composting in Petersdorf produces compost, is needed for greenhouses and can be used as fertilizer

-Sägewerk in Steigerthal, here you get money for your tree trunks and some wood chips fall off

-Fruit harvest (apples, cherries, plums) also possible (cherries ripen in summer, apples and plums ripen in autumn)
- Selling the fruit at the fruit stand in summer and autumn in Buchholz (in smaller quantities), or at the sale of goods
-Obst can be processed into fruit juice in Stempeda and sold more expensive when selling goods

-and much much more ...

-You can buy the "general" area right away, that's the area of the villages, etc. I made this area very cheap (1 €).
-If you would like to have automatic door openers, you can load the mod "HoT AnimatedObject Extend" into the mod folder (the map is prepared for this)

I would like to thank all modders for the great models that I have installed on my map !!!
Special thanks also go to the community of the forum "ls-modcompany.com", who always helped me with one or two problems and helped me, many thanks to you !!!

And now I wish you a lot of fun with the map!

If you like it, I would be very happy if you rated the map positively and pressed the recommendation! ;)
And it would be great if someone found who would create one or the other great introductory video, thank you for that !!!

So then, up on the field! ;)

Ersteller: Sheldon

neu in LS19:
neue Bäume (Ash): farmerfivetom
Pferdehalle: Tbereit
seven_bar_gate_four_meter: Dorset
U-Fahrsilo: RB Modding
Fahrsilos: Desperados93
Scheune Platzierbar: ***ADOLF***

neu in LS17:
AdditionalMapTypes: Blacksheep - RC-Devil
Horses: Mike-Modding
House by DBL: DBL
Milchverkaufstrigger: Marhu, Converted to FS17 Blacksheep
Lightswitches: Niggels - VertexDezign
Ackerschacht: XaaD
Stromverteilerkasten: BlackSheep(RC-Devil)
new Houses: goldfox
GALVANISED WATER TROUGH: The Mod Co. (Chocolatecake2001)
Schrankenset: Desperados93
Baumstützen und Fegeschutz: Crouwler
Daylight-Script: kevink98
FliegenderAdler: BulldozerXL
Sägewerk: kevink98
Molkerei: LS-Player94
Svapa Agro Produktion (Gewächshaus, Palettenwerk, Kartonherstellung): Zews
foliage_ForestUndergrowth: sebaj
Obstbäume/Lagerhalle (von mir überarbeitet): Rosenthaler_ROS
Hochsilo (Petersdorf): t0xic0m Pummelboer

Falls ich jemanden vergessen habe, möchte ich mich entschuldigen! Dann schreibt mir und ich trage euch ein!

Danke nochmal an alle!!!

  • Name
    2020-02-21 18:13
    1 1
    can someone updat this map for fs 19 http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/benz-north-west-mecklenburg-v0-9-beta/
  • Name
    2020-02-21 18:20
    0 0
    pas de piétons encore?
  • Schlumpf
    2020-02-21 20:44
    1 0
    WOW eine sehr schöne MAP, Respekt sehr viel Liebe zum Detail
  • Nerux
    2020-02-22 08:38
    0 0
    Very interesting map, you only need to improve not only the details but also the slightly exaggerated lime type consumption, good
  • Ionut
    2020-02-22 13:39
    0 1
    Hy,I have a problem, the game is not saved with this map.Is my favorite map from 2015 onwards...:(
  • Ionut
    2020-02-23 11:39
    0 0
    Hy,Resolved. Change autosave in off ;)
  • Work in progress
    2020-02-23 17:03
    0 0
    Anyone wanting to download this map, it's a nice looking map. The map is, however, incomplete. Prices are a bit low for the land, many trees are FS17 or older. I realize this is a large map, and it takes a while to fine-tune, but when it is more complete than it's current state, then it will be a good map. I personally will leave this map in my files, but will wait until it is more finished than this to actually play it. I hope the creator of this map is still working on it.
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