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Sudhemmern Map v6.0.0.0
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Sudhemmern Map v6.0.0.0

For the new year I present you the Südhemmern map for the LS 19. The main courtyard is equipped with warehouses for all types of fruit, straw, grass, hay. There are also storage facilities for manure, manure and milk.

Version 6.0.0
What has changed:
I built a sawmill and a pallet mill based on the Mod from Susi. The buildings have been completely rebuilt to better adapt them to the map.
There are therefore the new filling types of boards and empty pallets. These are issued as pallet goods so that special storage is not necessary.
The sales stations have also been expanded, boards and / or empty pallets can be sold at the freight yard and the port.
Harvest and transportation:
I add to this version all the harvesters and trailers that are used separately on the map.
The current Global Company is required.
Fixed other minor bugs.

At the farm are the species cows, pigs, sheep and chickens, the horses are outsourced to the horse farm.
At the farm you can buy fertilizer, seeds, crop protection and lime directly at a lower price. In Hille there is a shop on the Landi, where you can buy all goods and fruits at the normal price.
The map has 43 fields and 2 meadows. The meadows are designed so that you do not have to care for them, they just grow after, there is no helper operation there, as with the hand mow.
All gates can be operated, the cutterbar shelves and flaps also work. There you will find switch boxes near where the triggers are installed.
All sales stations are displayed in the mini map.
I have attached some pictures. If you know the map from the LS 17, you will quickly find your way around, even if some things had to be changed.
I wish you all a happy new year and a lot of fun in the game.


  • Too funny
    2020-04-09 00:28
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    "There are also storage facilities for manure, manure and milk. Version 6.0.0 Changelog Wh... "Yumm-mmmmmmm, manure and milk! Such a tasty combination!
  • Jacques
    2020-04-09 01:23
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    une carte que je suis avec passion depuis le d├ębut un grand bravoa card that I have been passionately from the start a big thumbs up
  • Javier
    2020-04-16 14:46
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    how can i load paper, thanks
  • Wolf42
    2020-05-06 00:54 Send message
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    eine ser scoene mapnur eine frage wie kann ich das speiseoel und das brot lade???
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