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Sussex Farm - Escape from the city gameplay v1.1
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Sussex Farm - Escape from the city gameplay v1.1

Tired by the chaotic life in the big city, you have sold everything and got five million mortgages to buy a farm in Sussex.
You just landed, Your car is in the car park.
At the farm, you will find everything you need.
All vehicle and equipment are hardly used but still working.
P.S. The previous owner had forgotten the chicken. you will have eggs for the breakfast


All credit must go to the original creators of all the mods.
I just adapted to create this gameplay
I hope you will enjoy the quest.


inside is two folders, one is the savegame to past on your savegame folder ( AutoDrive is already set up)
the second one is all the mods you need.
MAP mod is included because I have to change the husbandry capacity. Use the mods provided and do not upgrade its.
Please let me know any issue because this is my first gameplay and I'm happy to correct it and learn.
Thanks to everybody
Have Fun

All credis go to the creator of the map and mods.

I just create the savegame

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  • Bigtonytomato
    2020-11-20 23:21
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    I like actually playing the game rather than have someone play it for me lol
  • Ccp


    2020-11-21 03:52
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    Do a car bombing??? Smash the chicken eggs then what???
  • Name
    2020-11-21 11:16
    1 1
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