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SX Heavy Pack v1.0.2.0
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SX Heavy Pack v1.0.2.0

Sx Heavy Trucks
Variations =
- 3-Axle truck
- Truck with hooklift

- Added IT / HKL version

- Added tipper version

Required Mods:
- ITRunner Pack (By: GIANTS Software)


  • Farmergirl2
    2019-09-27 23:26
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    Love the new truck with the tipper trailer, but on Xbox it rolls away from where it is parked. Not sure about the PC mod, but I will soon find out and let you know how it works with PC. If this bug was fixed it would be a great mod to have to use on my farm.
  • Nick
    2019-10-01 02:29
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    This mod has been released multiple times from what I can remember.
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