Farming simulator 2019 mods
T34-85 Berlin style v2.0
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T34-85 Berlin style v2.0

T34-85 Berlin style for Farming simulator 19
fixed weird collision
added fence
might make for console (BIG might)
Credits: TSF, Others, Patton_M47

TSF, Others, Patton_M47

  • @pattonm47
    2020-03-14 15:13
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    Your clearly talented as you've produced some super mods for FS in the past which i truly thank you for so why spoil it for yourself by uploading stuff like this for FS19? Please go back to what you were doing as these are just a waste of your modding talents and it makes you look a bit of an idiot which you are very clearly not. I hope you take this comment in the good faith in which it's been written.
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    "this mod makes you look like an idiot"......."this comment was written in good faith" if it was written in "good faith" he woulda said something like, "wow cool mod, not my style but good job" people like that are the reason i keep all my best projects private
  • Spartan756
    2020-03-25 18:43 Send message
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    i so know what you mean, there is a fake admin trolling me right now
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