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Tatra Phoenix 6x6 MP v1.2
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Tatra Phoenix 6x6 MP v1.2

Tatra Phoenix 6x6
# Colors selectable (new colors)
# MP-capable
# Engine config

Have fun with it.


  • Lights ? ? ?
    2019-11-15 00:13
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    Why does everyone keep editing this truck, but is too lazy to add "Rear" Work Lights ? ? ?
  • Carnifex
    2019-11-15 14:44 Send message
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    I would love to see this truck 4X2 with light-guards, side-mirror guards and a cage or something like that for forestry plus more wheel options - means a forestry version of the tatra..is somebody able to mod this?i already have a tatra mod with side-mirror guards, but the light-guards are missingand i have one with light guards, but the side-mirror guards are missing ^^
  • Alerk
    2019-11-17 05:28 Send message
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    THOMAS, if you publish other people's mods on other sites, you need to insert the author’s link (asshole!)https://www.simulatorgamemods.com/fs17-scania-agrotruck-pack-v1-1a/?unapproved=124977&moderation-hash=d862ca620f6c266fd3669785ffa2fcdd#comment-124977
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