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Tatra Phoenix Agro-Truck Hooklift v1.0
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Tatra Phoenix Agro-Truck Hooklift v1.0

Make room in your sheds for the Tatra Phoenix Agro-Truck with hooklift. This Farming Simulator 19 mod is a rebuild of the original Giants model. This version works with all kinds of ITRunner applications, like Giants own mod pack.

The only thing we don’t quite like is how this mod is put together. Because this is a pack that contains four separate files due to the fact there are 4 different axle versions of the truck. It would have been an even better mod if the axle options were something you could buy in the shop. Then it would be necessary with just one model.

Well, that’s just us nit-picking. Because we like this Tatra-version very much.

Here are some of the most basic facts:

Mod: Tatra Phoenix Agro-Truck with Hooklift
Modder: DTS Modding
Base price: 156,000.
Top speeds: 49 mph / 80 kph.
Power: 462 HP.
Configurations: Color choices.
This is an okay mod. It drives like a dream. And we appreciate that the truck has so many uses, thanks to the hooklift.

Warning: The mods are zipped as one file. You must unzip the zip file and copy the content of the folder into your mods folder.

DTS Modding, Giants Software

  • Dts_modding
    2019-12-14 17:55
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    Hello, thank you for paying attention to the work I did on this mod;)for lack of time, I proposed these trucks this way, but if someone wants to make the changes and share here on mod hub. us I give him the green light go for it !!! DTS_Modding
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