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Tatra Phoenix Pack v1.0.0.0
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Tatra Phoenix Pack v1.0.0.0

Tatra Phoenix version with many body options
Tatra Phoenix 4x4 HKL, tractor, agro carrier
Tatra Phoenix 6x6 Hkl, tractor, agro carrier
and more and more configurations, bugs there are but it prevails it's good and functional.
Yesterday's mod on the Tatra 813 was a success, so there will continue to be mods of a similar nature, as I do not agree that a certain machine should have several selected individuals. they compensate for their smallness by taking precedence over other players. I wish all decent players a nice game :)


  • Matty7cz
    2020-06-12 19:44
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    it's stolen from one forum and site, please delete !!
  • Artv
    2020-06-12 20:47
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    к сожалению не работает с Courseplay и AutoDrive
  • Name
    2020-06-12 22:36
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    This site is full of READ-ONLY files, beware!!!
  • Matty
    2020-07-01 02:25
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