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The Anderson Group DLC releases on the 26th of March 2019
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The Anderson Group DLC releases on the 26th of March 2019

We are pleased to announce that the first DLC for Farming Simulator 19 will be released on March 26, 2019. Soon you'll be able to dive deeper into the world of round and square bales with the Anderson Group's 13 highly detailed tools, including the unique Anderson Group HYBRID X XTRACTOR and the Anderson Group IFX720 XTRACTOR. You’ll find a full list of all vehicles on our shop page.

The Anderson Group DLC will be released for PC/Mac, PlayStation 4 and XBOX One for only 9,99€. Owners of a FS 19 Season Pass will get the Anderson Group DLC for free of course. PC/Mac users can pre-order the game here. PC players who bought the game via Steam, as well as PlayStation 4 and XBOX One players, can buy the game via the store on release day.

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  • 3verland
    2019-03-04 21:57 Send message
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    Tinker-toys, what a waste. First we get a buggy game released, that still has a lot of problems brought forward from 17, still hasn't been fixed. The 1st DLC hasn't much to offer in the way of new. Signed John Deere on, would be nice if we actually had some JD implements to goth with, or some of the specialty JD vehicles
  • @3verland
    2019-03-04 22:14
    13 4
    Probably the best DLC ever released for FS and you whine about nothing new.
  • To @3verland (guest)
    2019-03-04 22:53
    14 9
    If you call this probably the best DLC ever released you're out of your stinking mind! Is there something this equipment can do that you can't already do in the game? No, it's just a bunch of stuff for baling that you can do with the equipment already in the game. I agree with 3verland. If Giants is going to do ANYTHING they first need to fix the issues in the game rather than wanting more money for worthless equipment.
  • To @3verland (guest)
    2019-03-04 22:59
    4 5
    Things like seeders that are supposed to use both fertilizer and seeds yet they will only accept seeds from seed bags but not from seed silos or tanks. The best DLC is by far the Big Bud DLC, there was nothing Giants had put out before that with such horsepower. This pack has nothing to compare to that! @3verland (guest) is an absolute idiot.
  • 4 3
    Did you open the cover? Mine works just as they should. So maybe it's about your stupidity, not Giants... jus saying...
  • James t
    2019-03-04 23:42
    8 4
    So Giants want some more cash from us before fixing the issues still outstanding!! How about the scripts needed for the modders to give us factories etc. Come on Giants give us a complete game that we have already paid for.
  • Shut ur suck holes
    2019-03-05 02:32
    13 5
    typical brats want want want but when u get its whine whine whine like bitches plain and simple children don't like it don't get it, don't like the game stop playing it fucking Entitled Brats
  • Silver sky
    2019-03-05 06:21
    7 7
    First off, I love this game, but will I buy this pack? NO!! It doesn't do anything that the stuff in the game doesn't already do, so no need adding more stuff on the game that I won't use. Did I buy the Big Bud pack for FS17? NO!!!!!!!!! They are ugly square cracker boxes, and won't do anything the Challengers won't do, and the Challengers are a hundred more times classy than those ugly things!! As for JD (that everyone pissed their pants about when it was announced they would be in 19) All they
  • Trucker
    2019-03-05 08:19
    0 8
    To all unhappy and indignant - guys, you see what's going on in SCS for 10 years, nothing has happened! All models quality 10 years old! Look at the f#d sh!ts mods that produced grief modders there at the last few years !!!! It wasn't Truck it has turned to the "Car&Bus; and its F#D SH1T skinks Simulator" !STOP YOU BULLSH!TING !!!
  • Name
    2019-03-05 14:30
    3 2
    trucker shut up
  • Name
    2019-03-05 14:31
    1 1
    your mod is grea t dude ill get it dont worry buddy
  • Hell no
    2019-03-05 18:14
    5 5
    Why the hell is giants releasing a dlc before they fix their broken ass game?? This aint it boss
  • Name
    2019-03-05 23:15
    1 1
    I love it can not what :):):):)
  • Dlc for free
    2019-03-06 10:15
    2 4
    hahaha just wait a couple days after the DLC goes live and someone will be putting it up here for free
  • Gary guest
    2019-03-06 11:05
    5 1
    Whats 'broken' about the game? it runs fine, looks way better than 17.it was what $40 or something.... jesus. moaners.
  • To @3verland (guest)
    2019-03-06 21:44
    0 2
    Oh really? So you've filled the Vaderstad Tempo L 16 with seed using either a silo containing seed or the seed tank provided in Giants FS19_placeableRefillStation? No, you haven't because you can't. You can ONLY fill it with seed by buying a seed bag then driving the seeder up close to it. The covers where the seed goes (the yellow containers) don't even open up, genius. The cover is where the fertilizer goes.
  • Name
    2019-03-06 22:45
    0 1
  • Velocity83
    2019-03-07 00:48 Send message
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    The patch will be out before the DLC so the game could be fixed by then.
  • @ silver sky
    2019-03-07 00:52
    0 2
    The Big Bud pack was more than just the tractors. There was larger equipment (plows, seeders, etc) to get jobs done faster than anything else Giants had put in the game. This pack isn't like that at all. Everything in the pack has comparable equipment already in FS19.
  • Noname
    2019-03-07 01:50
    1 2
    well yet another DLC to be payed for nice to see giants haven't lost there touch!!!!!we pay for fs19 that is broken and they earn millions off and they still haven't fix half the issues 5 months on hmmmmmm and also never will fix because they will be working on fs21 before long .and for all you that comment on don't play then I like playing farming simulator I have all of them from fs2008 to fs19 and all I am saying is giants should at least fix what is broken on the bas
  • Faelandaea
    2019-03-07 02:16 Send message
    6 1
    People seem to be arguing in defense of the game, while others seem to be complaining about the game. One side or the other could most likely be taken seriously if they could at least type a complete sentence without so many errors. Most of the comments above are so painful to read. If you want your point to be taken seriously, perhaps do it in a way that does not say, "I am so proud that I dropped out of school to play this game."
  • Angusg
    2019-03-07 04:06 Send message
    0 1
    honestly i use the broken shit to my advantage
  • Junk dlc
    2019-03-07 04:33
    1 3
    As of the current beta the issue with the harvester not being able to be closed because it thinks there is still product in it has not been fix. This was a day 1 bug that has been posted over and over. Now they want to sell me DLC? No thank you.
  • This is shit honestly
    2019-03-07 06:38
    2 2
    Why the F is Giants releasing a DLC? This game is still buggy, playable, but buggy. This isn't anything new, just another baling DLC like the Kuhn one, am I right? Would've been better if they released something more useful, like other JD implements that should've added from day one. Or something totally different that we didn't think would happen. I hope a patch is released before the DLC if not, this game is fucked.
  • I girl want boi
    2019-03-07 06:40
    1 0
    Dicsk and Dicsk to be succed ladies :) :) ;) ;) ME GIRL WANT BOYSSSSSSSS. HEYYYYYY. Who wants to date meh? I NEED A BF!!!!!!!
  • Dislike spam
    2019-03-07 06:42
    2 2
    LOL I just disliked every post HEHEHEHE I am bEST
  • Made in japan
    2019-03-07 06:43
    1 0
    I admit, I cheat on Cartoon Strike, but im a niggggggggggggga
  • To this is shit honestly
    2019-03-07 11:09
    1 1
    "Would've been better if they released something more useful..." Do you really think that will be their one and only DLC to publish? Stop whining! Don't buy it if not needed... K?
  • Dlc idea
    2019-03-07 13:15
    1 0
    I'd like to see a DLC where you have to protect your animals by getting rid of pests. For example you buy a rifle or shotgun to kill rabbits, birds, stray dogs/cats, foxes, kangaroos, camels that eat crops, damage fences and attack livestock. You could even have a side business as a professional shooter supplying pet stores with meat for pet food.
  • 1 1
    You said you can ONLY fill Tempo with seed bags... Well.. NO! If you have game version 1.3, you can fill your Tempo under silos too, so stop acting like a child!YOU can go cry to your mama more about it. There is not much about genius in you...
  • @ to this is shit honestly
    2019-03-07 20:34
    0 2
    How am I whining? And I am buying it, it's called "constructive criticism." Deal with it. If someone released something with no negative feedback, then nothing would be done to improve it. How about you stop whining and yelling at others for giving their feedback on the game. And no, FYI I will not be buying this DLC as it is worthless to me. Have a good one, but not really ;)
  • @ to this is shit honestly
    2019-03-07 20:35
    0 2
    "And I am buying it," meant to say NOT buying.
  • Priceless
    2019-03-10 00:06
    1 0
    everyone arguing and bitching over a farming simulator haha its a fucking game that has issues wow what a surprise a game with bugs haven't seen that before people at each other throat over a dlc makes me laugh just play the damn game it will get fix when it gets fixed I expected it from day one to have problems they all do im used to it by now still reading this shit is funny
  • @priceless
    2019-03-11 05:28
    0 0
    Wanna fucc? :3
  • Ben


    2019-03-12 04:50
    0 0
    don't be a hatred bitch fs 19 is a good game and the DLC has bigger equipment
  • @ben
    2019-03-14 05:38
    0 0
    You suck loads of cummmm. Everybody will complain about it, because it succs. No doubt.
  • Fs19 is gay
    2019-03-14 22:04
    0 0
    Dude, i really hate fs19, fs13 and fs15 were the bomb, but fs17 went down and then fs19 went down the shitter. they blew it with this game. i can't believe giants is still in business. this game failed everything, so buggy, so crashy, so outrageous, etc. etc.
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