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TidyShop v1.0.0.0
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TidyShop v1.0.0.0

Mod for Farming Simulator that cleans up the in-game store for a tidier and more uniform look.

The goal of this mod is to to clean up the store to make it easier to find the right equipment for every task. A secondary goal is to give the store a more uniform look and feel.

Category changes:
- New specialized vehicle categories like Hooklift, SwapBody/AR, Fixed-body trucks, Light Commercial Vehicles, Construction, Excavators and more.
- New specialized trailer categories for Light Trailers, Semitrailers, Liquid Transport and UTV/ATV trailers.
- New specialized categories for tools/implements like Hooklift Containers, SwapBody Superstructures, Cranes & Transport, Snow Removal and Hand Tools.
- Additional variants of basegame categeries like Compact Tractors and XL/Tracked Tractors.

Additional features:
- Unique and descriptive category thumbnails in the same style as basegame categories.
- More informative "subtitle" in the store with the actual name of the mod (instead of just "Mod").
- Custom "query language" to make it (fairly) simple to add or modify categories if desired.
- Compatible with the CategoryAdder mod, the "AddStoreCategory" script and the "StoreManager" feature in GlobalCompany

How it works:
This script generally does two things. Firstly it adds a bunch of new/modified categories and then it moves items (vehicles, implements etc) between these different categories.
Categories that are too specific/narrow will be merged, categories that are too general/broad will be split up and some items will be moved from Vehicles to Implements (and vice versa). Highly specialized categories such as Animal Transport or Slurry Tanks is left untouched while more generic items such as "autoloading flatbed semitrailers" is moved from Baling Technology to a more generic Semitrailers category.

Owned by w33zl

  • Dreammaker
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    not a mod
  • Name
    2020-09-30 20:31
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    where did you get those mercedes sprinter
  • Name
    2020-09-30 20:39
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    nice oxygendavid hope you are fine with camsden and in a new thornbrook see you in greenwhcuh in the others stappenback in oberfracken wederchuff dier
  • Craap
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  • Darecki30
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    Jak to pobrańá?
  • Oh boy....
    2020-10-01 08:37
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    How are you folks downloading this? Link goes to Stockman via Github? Must be missing something somewhere, thanks if anyone can help.
  • Name
    2020-10-01 14:53
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  • Dreammaker
    2020-10-01 15:47 Send message
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    the link is crap
  • Looking
    2020-10-01 15:57
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    well, I finally got to download a zip file of TidyShop an in the zip file was a readme.md file and a folder called docs and in that folder a file called new_categories.txt, nothing more. I would say based on this that the supposed mod is a lode of crap and should be removed or blackballed or not bothered with...
  • Name
    2020-10-01 22:04
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    wo sind nur die guten Modder geblieben
  • Fizban
    2020-10-02 16:53
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    Would love to have this mod.......if I could figure out how to download it
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