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Toyota Hilux Phase VII v1.0.0.0
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Toyota Hilux Phase VII v1.0.0.0

With its D4D engine, the Toyota Hilux phase 7 will allow you to perform various tasks on farms.

Characteristics :
170 hp
130 km / h

Support passenger mod
Several configs await you in store as well as directly in game
* No dashboard animations
I advise you to watch the presentation to have all the info about configs and scripts added ...

I thank the people who authorized me to use their vehicles, 3d etc
Tell me if you have any concerns
Good game everyone !

Leta Normande

  • Robbe33
    2020-06-14 20:29 Send message
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    name of the map where the photos has been taken?
  • Name
    2020-09-25 07:35
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    hi can you please make a 2020 toyota tacoma please please i want the tailgate to go down so i can put stuff in it i want to have a choice of tires please please please make it for me
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