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Trailer pack Universal 1 Achs Kipper v1.1.0
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Trailer pack Universal 1 Achs Kipper v1.1.0

Hello, here we provide you the Universal 1-axle dump truck available. Some will know this tipper still from the LS17.

Version 1.1.0 Universal 1 axle tipper
- Fixed tarpaulin (repositioned)
- Wheel chock retainer (rear) repositioned
- Tilting cylinder is now visible

Universal 1-axle tipper:

Included are:
Universal 1-axle tipper

(configurable in the shop)

Pühringer tippers
Brantner HB
Brantner HB Euroline
Carter Haflinger
Carter export
All tippers have the same body configuration (bale / transport cargo bed (including lashing straps), body 4000l (metal), body 8000l (metal) and body 12000l (metal + wood)).
The cable + hydraulic connection were taken over / used by the LS19.
Some (older) dump trucks have got a used look.
Is not perfect but should bring some variety and fun.
Have fun!
STEYR Modding Team
(unknown000, steyrmodder, Domi, John)

Modell: Giants Software/ Umbau: STEYR Modding Team, Güllefass: Modell: CebuljCek Modding, LS19 ready; STEYR Modding Team
Textur: Giants Software/STEYR Modding Team, Güllefass: CebuljCek Modding, STEYR Modding Team
Script: Giants Software
Idee / Konzept: STEYR Modding Team
Tester: STEYR Modding Team
Sounds: Güllefass; thw helfer

  • Sauceseeker
    2019-07-24 22:52
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    on first photo that combine in the background where can I find it
  • Guest
    2019-07-25 10:24
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    Try looking up Jacks arse on the second shelf up.
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