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TRIBINE 1000 PACK v3.0
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TRIBINE 1000 PACK v3.0

ERIC. Why come systematically criticized our publications.Do you have nothing better to do in life ...
In any case, we thank you for joining our group by offering this tribine V3. These a fair return given that
we were the authors of V1 on the 2015 version of the game.
The logos on this version, which you have reused for your V2, were created by ZORLAC.

- engine sounds reviewed
- 2 additional speeds
- choice of colors
- additions of 2 24v batteries
- liquid tire inflation
- increased weight
- stability adjustment
ERIC. Pourquoi venir systématiquement critiqué nos publications.N'avez vous rien de mieux à faire dans la vie...
En tous cas nous vous remercions  d'intégré notre groupe en proposant cette V3 de la tribine. Ces un juste retour étant donné que
nous étiont les auteurs de la V1 sur la version 2015 du jeu.
Les logos présents sur cette version, que vous avez réutilisées pour votre V2, ont été créer par ZORLAC.

- sons motorisation revues
- 2 vitesse suplémentaires
- choix de couleurs
- ajouts de 2 batteries 24v
- gonflage des roues liquide
- augmentation du poids
- ajustement de la stabilité


  • Ricobab
    2020-06-04 16:14 Send message
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    Well, TFS group. Your post just push me to denounce you in every single release you do. Thanks for that. Now just to respond to your statement : Tribine in FS15 has nothing to do with this one. ThisTribine was made from the Smiga Prototype, I took the logos from the Tribine website and converted them to .dds before integrate them to the mod. Simple as that. The zip you share here is dated from december 2019. So nothing new. Thanks for showing again to everybody how stupid you are.
  • Ricobab
    2020-06-04 16:16 Send message
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    And by the way, as can we see in the video from Nick the Hick YOU uploaded, the AI helper works just fine. Sky is the limit when it comes to your stupidity. Here is the original link: www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2019-mods/tribine-t1000-2/
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