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Two-wing mini wind turbine v1.0
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Two-wing mini wind turbine v1.0

Here is a placeable mini wind turbine with two rotor blades.
Brings a small return of 20 € per hour, but has no maintenance costs. :)
I hope you enjoy it. :)
Please use the original link!

Modell: fendthannes
Textur: fendthannes

  • Yoooo!
    2019-07-04 01:52
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    Dude! Your turbine looks cool but there's a mini turbine where we can earn €600,- per hour. To be found here on Modhub. So…?
  • Yoooo!
    2019-07-04 01:55
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    *Update: I just noticed that the other one is also mad by you. Why did you make this one earn only €20,- and the other one €600,-?http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2019-mods/small-wind-turbine-v1-0-0-0/
  • Name
    2019-07-04 10:01
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    Yoooo! these are not the same wind turbines. this one is a lot smaller
  • Xml


    2019-07-04 10:57
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    Just edit the value in the xml, set it to 200000 or millions, yea its that easy, even low iq kids can do it.
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