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Universal Passenger v1.0.1.0
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Universal Passenger v1.0.1.0

Universal Passenger is a unique passenger mod that allows you to travel next to your AI workers at all times or with your friends in a multiplayer game.

1. Fixed bug allowing a user to move to driver seat of a vehicle when already in use in multiplayer.
2. Added support for 3 passengers in the John Deere cp690 (Cotton DLC)
3. Added support for 3 passengers in the Horsch Leeb PT 350 (Horsch Pack)
4. Added support to 'Claas DLC' vehicles where space was available.
5. Added support to 'Claas DLC (Pre-Purchase)' vehicles.

1. All base game vehicles that include one or more passenger seats can be entered.
Important: Some vehicles are to small and these are excluded.
2. Ability to travel as a passenger with trains loaded from base game if included in map.
3. Ability to move between available passenger seats and an empty driver seat.
Important: Driver seat option for farm owned vehicles only.
4. Quick TAB to available passenger vehicles and trains.
Important: Vehicle must be part of your farm to use this feature.
5. Inside and Outside camera views and sounds.
6. Live PDA and Map position data for all passengers.
7. Shop option for each vehicle to restrict passenger seat use to [All Users], [Farm Only] or [Disabled].

Modding Features / Support:
1. Support to add passenger seat positions directly in mod vehicles.
2. Character loaded by 'Universal Passenger' so no extra poly for static models.
3. Built in creator mode to help position vehicle character and export XML information. ( More info soon! )
4. Support for 'Pasenger Addon Mods' to include an extra global vehicles XML so no vehicle xml editing is required.
5. Support for enter animations and object changes.

Standard Input Keys:
Enter / Exit = [Left Shift] + [Z]
Next Vehicle = [Left CTRL] + [Tab]
Next Seat (When available.) = [N]

Release Log:

1. Initial release.


  • Curious
    2019-12-11 20:21
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    Hey, I was wondering how I add modded vehicles to be supported by this mod.
  • @curious
    2020-02-09 12:45
    0 0
    I think it would be best to ask in the Giants forums https://forum.giants-software.com/viewforum.php?f=478&sid=6401f3b8d6b15ff57cb6b6baf9a9e4f9 I have seen GtX the author answer questions there as he only uploads to the Giants modHub I beleive.
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