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Upper Glantal in the South Palatinate v1
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Upper Glantal in the South Palatinate v1

Here I present you my map for the LS19. For a long time it was quiet around me, now I have time again for the Farming Simulator. The map should actually already appear for the LS17, unfortunately I did not make it in time. So the time passed and at some point the LS19 was there :-)

Now the map is ready so far, and should run every error free. Since the patch 1.2, the engine requires that every map has a waterPlane. This has also been adapted to the current patch.

The map reflects my home region and is modeled on this landscape. You will find on the map 2 villages (Rehweiler & Gimsbach). The Starthof is built in Rehweiler. You take over here a modernized medium-sized milk and arable farm. The lands are purchasable and thus you can buy and place new buildings as you like.

Furthermore, there are 3 purchasable forests, so that the foresters come to the taste. The meadows and fields are all different in size, from 800m2 to 6HA are all sizes available. Furthermore, many fields were created in realistic shapes, I'm not a big fan of perfectly square and rectangular fields ;-)

You can sell at the RWZ land trade or at the garden center in Gimsbach.
The map was helper-friendly designed and is already COURSEPLAY ready (collisions of the trees at the fields and meadows away)

A big thank you to all modders whose objects I have installed (mostly from LS17)
I will update the map regularly. Write your wishes and criticism in the comments.
Retransmission ONLY with the original download link!


  • Topgun
    2018-12-19 22:54
    Hi,One of the most beautiful map on F19!Congratulations for this job.
  • Natetl
    2018-12-19 23:39
    Finally a good map, amazing job man!!!
  • Kel


    2018-12-20 04:20
    So is the hay loft not actually a hay storage point? It looks like it has the spots to drop off hay and what not but nothing is working. And why can't I sell any of the buildings?
  • Zach
    2018-12-20 06:49
    beautiful work i did notice some issues with terrain editing and part of a field in top left corner that wasnt in the buying space but again this map has an amazing landscape probably one of the best ive seen
  • Name
    2018-12-20 06:50
    It's a beautiful map. I like it very much.
  • Pito
    2018-12-20 09:11
    Really nice map . Good job !Can you check why Biogas plant can not accept silage bales ?
  • L'ours des plaines
    2018-12-20 10:10
    belle carte,le déchargement du bga se trouve dans les airs!!!peut-être l'améliorer en ajoutant des piétons... encore bravo
  • Sal


    2018-12-20 11:05
    Really beautiful map. 10x looks better than default Giant maps. BTW I found some bugs while playing:- No egg selling point (hence no price info on the dashboard)- Haven't seen ppl :)- No shop icon on map- Lots of trees, signboard, pillar, etc have no collision property.I'm really enjoying this map. Please keep it going!
  • Name
    2018-12-20 11:17
    It's better to put some ducks in the river
  • Welshgamer1975
    2018-12-20 13:33
    will this map work in multiplayer?
  • Judge trend
    2018-12-20 14:54
    This is the 1st playable map so far. And a very good one. 4* from me. I've managed to easily play 6 hours in a row & I couldn't do this with none of the vanilla maps due to a lot of lag. As another user said, you earn my respect my friend.
  • Name
    2018-12-20 15:05
    The river is short of fishermen
  • Henri
    2018-12-20 23:58
    I think map is missing milk sale point. Or has anyone found it?
  • Elitesteel
    2018-12-21 05:42
    This map is good until you go large scale. when you go large scale, then the machines dont work very well with just how hilly the fields are. The map looks nice and all, but i havent found it practical
  • Lenain
    2018-12-29 17:35
    Bonjour, je voudrai savoir ou vends t'on les oeufs et le lait sur la map sinon trés belle maps.
  • Dirk
    2019-01-07 20:53
    Hey Thomas,great Work as far as i can see in the videos.I would like to play on the map, but at the moment i can't do so, because i'm playing on X-BOX.Is there any chance of getting the map to X-BOX?Kind regards,Dirk
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