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Ursus c360 3p v1.0.0.0
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Ursus c360 3p v1.0.0.0

Ursus c360 3p

The tractor has:
- bent tires
- light fs19
- hydraulic quick couplers and electric socket for lights (standard fs19)
- movable pulleys
- a moving tip
- real power and burning
- a hook for a round
- configurations in the store
- pedal and gear leverage animations.

* Tur Autorów do not know Konwert do fs 19: Gzymsik_pl Normally there is nothing to write about, no pollution.
* Accessories for round Stoll Authors: kreters-island Convert to fs 19: Gzymsik_pl 2 buckets for loose materials, 2 types of forks for dung (can be loaded with bales and pallets), scoop for root crops.

In case of problems with playing, please contact: [email protected]
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Autorzy: Marcello1942, u95, Agromet, Rolnik, Marcin10m19, eloelo52i0, Grzegorz056, Liqwidator, cinko123, Krystiun pogromca ulinow.
Konwert plus kilka bajerów: Gzymsik_pl
*c360 3p: gagar
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