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US map V6.0
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US map V6.0

US map V6.0
Ravenport edit by Barbicha

The map is very similar than version 2. ( Where there're no buildings near the lighthouse)
Except the chicken and horsehusbandry and 2 silo's included in zip file from version 5.
Everything is saleable of course.
In this version you can created your own farm, I have aded 36 different textures to paint with.
So knock your self out.

Enjoy the game

Please keep original link


  • Terry
    2018-12-15 20:46
    how can we download it it says wrong ip
  • Luc


    2018-12-15 20:52
    In that zip file there is a file who isn't zip. Do I need it too ?Thanks in advance.
  • Barbicha
    2018-12-15 20:54
    @ terry click on link, then on Free Download (green button) then again on Download File (also a green button) that's all.
  • Chaser
    2018-12-15 21:02
    what are the changes between V6 and V5?
  • Gator
    2018-12-15 21:03
    Download is crap! Keeps wanting to download some bs crap.
  • Dmort51
    2018-12-15 22:22
    very strange i didnt have any problem downloading this map
  • Barbicha
    2018-12-15 23:48
    @ Luc no need, you may deleted it. Should not be there, my mistake. Sorry for [email protected] the rest modsfile works perfect for my. I must say, I always use an adblocker. It prefence a lot of crap from the net away.
  • Barbicha
    2018-12-15 23:52
    @ chaser read the description. The difference is hughes. There're almost no buildings in thise version but a lot of textures and empty space so jou created your on farm like you wish with the landscapping tool.
  • Truthbtold
    2018-12-16 04:27
    Site keeps wanting me to download somethimg other than map. I have add blockers and popup blockers. Its jusy a bad site!
  • Bill
    2018-12-16 05:53
    great map, love the extra textures
  • Bill
    2018-12-16 05:56
    TRUTHBETOLD when the other window open, just close it and click the link again, might have to do it a couple of times if using chrome. I use the edge explorer with windows 10 and only have to close the extra window once then it downloads. IT'S NOT A BAD SITE. I download a lot of mods from there.
  • Barbicha
    2018-12-16 11:27
    @ Bill your welcome
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