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Valley Crest Farm 4x v1.2.0.0
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Valley Crest Farm 4x v1.2.0.0

Welcome to Valley Crest Farm 4-fold

Version 1.2
- 30 production plants
- New biogas plant
- New chicken farming
- New pig farming
- New cow husbandry
- MKS32 vehicle for biogas and soy milk
- Stone processing plant for asphalt rock concrete earth gravel gravel sand compost.

- Patch 1.4 revised
- Fixed a bug in the crane

Version 1.1
- cows, chickens, horses, sheep, pigs
- Sugar factory for limes, seeds, pavers
- New train
- Water tank, diesel tank, yard storage
- Landscape mode or grass mode, soil

Have fun with this map! :-)


  • Serega
    2020-03-18 22:35 Send message
    1 1
    Thank you, Thomas ... I heartily thank you .. I hope everything will work))
  • Csi48
    2020-03-19 00:32 Send message
    5 1
  • @serega
    2020-03-19 05:52
    1 1
    Just saying, THOMAS is not the mod maker, he just keeps posting loads of mods here. The original mod owner probably has no idea this mod was posted here
  • To @serega
    2020-03-19 06:53
    3 1
    "Thomas" is actually a robot, not a real person. It finds mods on other sites then shares them here. You are correct in the fact that the mod owner probably doesn't know the mod is posted here. In fact, the modder probably doesn't even visit this site. So "CSI48" is wasting their time making requests for it to be seasons ready.
  • Xxx


    2020-03-19 07:37
    0 0
    Not Season ready. Two mistakes: the water tank on the sheep pasture hangs in the air. Bio Diesel or BGA in the north (???) hangs a PC monitor directly above the filling.
  • A fuckup in it tho
    2020-03-19 07:40
    0 0
    in order to make pallets you must have pallets of boards, in order to make pallets of boards you must have empty pallets...the other sawmill doesn't produce pallets of boards, it produces a different pallet of boards...so...
  • Tony
    2020-03-19 13:04
    1 0
    This Map has been on Here Before was a great Map Then And Now Love it
  • Allan
    2020-03-19 13:45
    2 0
    floating object sheep
  • Thomas is a bot!!!
    2020-03-19 17:41
    1 2
  • Sleepy
    2020-03-19 18:48
    5 1
    Thanks Thomas Bot. best map ever. needs seasons.
  • Wrangler
    2020-03-19 21:13 Send message
    0 5
    @Thomas is a bot!!! Where does it say Thomas is a bot? How are people supposed to know that? And while on the subject, why not rename Thomas to Bot to avoid confusion?
  • Scuba steve
    2020-03-19 21:28
    1 0
    Map will need a custom season mod because the in-game seasons mod wont load, gets an error saying too many fruits on the ground, guessing from all of the fill types now on the map, the author or someone with more knowledge than myself would have to tweak the in game seasons mod to work on this map, I personally wish it was seasons ready as this is an awesome map and now with all of the factories added, best map out maybe?
  • Reaper
    2020-03-19 23:25
    1 0
    why is there no mats like dirt or gravel
  • Wrangler
    2020-03-20 00:13 Send message
    1 4
    B.O.B. Flyover - Valley Crest Farm 4x - Farming Simulator 19 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPT7Z0Vf1N4
  • Shawn
    2020-03-20 02:35
    1 0
    this map needs to have it so you can sell the house and buildings and place your own.
  • Wondering?
    2020-03-20 02:46
    2 0
    I had this mod downloaded before, and on the loading screen, there was a jet or some aircraft doing a fly-over, and the volume was too loud. Has that been removed?Thomas, in your best digital voice, tell everyone you are real. Thomas is shy.Why do you cruel people have to call Thomas a bot? Maybe some of these nice people like to fantasize about Thomas, and your cruelty are dashing their dreams of Thomas. That is completely unwarranted.I believ
  • Name
    2020-03-20 11:23
    2 1
    Thomas is not a bot, it's just a bunch of conspiracy theories.
  • @wrangler
    2020-03-20 16:42
    0 0
    it should just be common sense. ever wondered why he is the one uploading the majority of the mods and never makes comment or anything?
  • Nerux
    2020-03-20 19:21
    0 1
    whether it is bot or not, this map of many problems starting from the sawmill with these pallets, now I delete the map I got tired, bye bye
  • Fs17vmods
    2020-03-20 20:49 Send message
    1 0
  • Jeremiah satterlee
    2020-03-20 21:25
    0 2
    If you are going to release mods that aren't yours then you can at least make changes to the mod that we can see on the mod
  • Ricefarmer
    2020-03-20 21:41 Send message
    1 0
    quarry not function :/ I can't fill the fuel tank at the factories
  • Gijooe
    2020-03-20 22:51 Send message
    1 0
    yea my quarry dosent work either
  • Thomas is fake
    2020-03-21 03:47
    2 0
    nothing works on this map i can nothing take it with the volvo for stones of everything i delete this map nothing working
  • Jack
    2020-03-21 03:54
    0 0
    y dose it crash on load up
  • Serega
    2020-03-21 08:05 Send message
    0 0
    You can't sell straw in Sarai. Does not work
  • @jeremiah satterlee
    2020-03-21 10:29
    1 0
    Or you could just learn to do it for yourself. Just sayin'
  • Serega
    2020-03-21 11:13 Send message
    1 0
    @JEREMIAH SATTERLEE Hand me over ... Correct all errors on the map, Please!
  • Tech help
    2020-03-21 16:05
    3 0
    Hello @Jack, turn up your graphics setting to at least High and above. Should fix the problem. Also make sure you are updated to the latest patch 1.5.1. If none of those options work, please uninstall the game, then reinstall the game and install latest patch. That should work by that point. If not, update your graphics driver. If you have any questions, please ask away. Best regards, Gabe.
  • Gijooe
    2020-03-21 16:14 Send message
    0 0
    hey gabe @Tech help my quarry isin't working right
  • Thomas
    2020-03-21 16:15
    1 1
    I am not a Bot...or am I?
  • @thomas
    2020-03-21 19:24
    2 0
  • Tech help
    2020-03-21 19:31
    1 0
    Hello @Gijooe, I would try re-downloading the map. Maybe some of the files weren't downloaded correctly, making it not work as expected. However, others have commented about the same issue unfortunately. The mod creator (@dammemax) will have to make an update for the map in the future to correct this behavior. I would try removing all of your mods in your mods folder
  • Tech help (cont.)
    2020-03-21 19:32
    2 0
    and leaving this map in your mods folder only. If the quarry part of the map still doesn't work, then I would say the map is at fault here. Best regards, Gabe.
  • Matthew
    2020-03-28 23:42
    0 0
    same map as in FS17 just its bigger and it has more land
  • Ryan
    2020-07-07 05:45
    0 0
    how can u get asphalt rock on valley crest help
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