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Valzelli Pack v3.0.0.0
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Valzelli Pack v3.0.0.0

Valzelli Pack contains (at the moment):
- Valzelli VI/140
- Xtreme 8
- Valzelli 4X

Various capacity configurations.
Customizable wheels
Customizable decals
Various colours selectable.
Adjustable drawbar (4X and Xtreme 8 version)

Changelog v.
- Added new model (Xtreme 8)
- Fixed second wheel configuration on VI/140
- Improved fillplane
- Improved dirt and wear map
- Fixed discharge particle position

Changelog v.
- Added new model (Valzelli 4X)
- Fixed discharge particle (Valzelli VI/140)
- Fixed little issues (Valzelli VI/140)
- Added complete animated axles on Valzelli VI/140 (default on 4X and Xtreme 8)
- Clean log file

Note: continuously updated. New tools soon.


  • Roger
    2019-11-06 20:48
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    Hello I do not know you, but on several mods (trailers), when this one gets dirty, there are always the same "drawings" form that stand out inside that are characters not very pleasant ...
  • Guest
    2019-11-07 10:16
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    I'm a bit unsure who it is but it's either Jesus or a ghost so i'm sending for an exorcist and it will be sorted in the next update.
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